G & J Studios are wonderful people and are so inspiring. I knew nothing about dance and started with their group classes, then private lessons and student showcases. They can teach any level of dancer with great patience and encouragement. They opened the door to a whole new passion for me and gave me the confidence I needed to believe I could do anything with hard work.
They also choreographed my wedding dance. They are such a joy to learn any dance with. Latin was my favorite, but I loved to watch them Foxtrot! It is a treat each time I go to their studio. I recommend them to anyone looking to start or continue dancing.

Darrell White


Excellent dance instructors who enable their students to learn and perform at a high level. Very friendly atmosphere with plenty of people to dance with at the social events, as well as a chance to perform in the showcase events which they have twice a year. Definitely recommend this studio, along with the variety of instructors who are available, for whatever your expectations are!

Brian Lex Luthy


I had the most wonderful birthday party experience ever! They made it so easy and the turn out was fantastic. Beautiful ball room with great owners.

Samantha Jones

NJ, Student

The instructors at this studio are the most knowledgeable and professional dancers and teachers! They will teach you the techniques that make you look and feel your best when dancing. The socials on Saturday nights are friendly and welcoming. I have been taking lessons here for 5 years now, and have realized I am a "dancer" who has learned many "life lessons" along the way. What a marvelous journey! I look forward to every day.

Barbara Tarbell, OD, FAAO


My wife and I were looking for a studio to choreograph the first dance of our wedding. After a few searches, G&J Studios was one of the closer places with limited, but good, reviews. When we first met with Denisa, my wife and I were still torn as to which of the two songs we were going to pick for the first dance. After listening to both of them, Denisa was immediately able to give us ideas as to what style of dancing would fit the songs. We were easily able to pick a song, and Denisa quickly had us learning the basic steps to the Viennese Waltz. Denisa's husband (and co-owner), did a great edit of the song to keep the dance at about 2 minutes. With each subsequent lesson, we learned new steps. Denisa was extremely patient with us, as we were both first time ballroom dancers, and always provided encouragement and positive feedback. Each new step was taught in such a simple manner that the most novice of dancers would be able to pick it up. Instead of deciding on a limited number of lessons, we decided to just play it by ear. After 6 lessons, we had completed our dance. Of course, practicing on our own, outside the studio, helped to strengthen what we learned during the lesson. All in all, we had a GREAT experience with G&J studios, and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to learn ballroom dancing, or even just to choreograph a dance for them. Thank you again, Denisa, for all your help!

Albert Chou


It's a nice clean facility tucked away from high traffic area. The price for lessons is amazing and even let you rent the floor for yourself or with a partner for only $10-15/hr to practice!!! Marek is a very nice guy I've only spoken with him over the phone but answered all my questions and is very responsive. I was looking for a dance style that is rare to find teachers for outside of big cities and spent months looking and the instructor Tybaldt that works with them is the only one I could find within 50+ miles which is amazing. He makes it fun but gets you moving (progressing) very fast without overlooking room for improvement. I spent three months at another studio and paid more than double the price I pay at G&J and didn't learn half as much in two lessons with Tybaldt (half the price, twice the knowledge and fun!) They also are very "chill", I like swing dancing, very loose and free, a lot of other places even with this loose style are very stiff and make dancing seem like military marching, but here it's like hanging out with highly qualified friends at a dance club. The hours are also great, wether you work late night shifts or long morning shifts they are always open! Highly recommended.

Jimmuy Ro


I am very happy to be a part of this beautiful and newly updated studio. If you are looking for a new and unexpected journey in your life you will find it here. Nothing less then first class teaching in all levels and you will always be treated with respect. You are never pressured into things that aren’t right for you as well. G&J is the best positive choice I ever made in my life.

Connie Edmonds


Love to dance? Want to learn to dance? Want to feel welcomed and appreciated? G&J is the right place if you answered yes to any of these questions. Denisa, Marek and all the professional instructors will make you feel like a part of a very special family. Come experience the best!

Larry Katz


From someone who has been to many franchises across the US, this place is a hidden gem(idk how or why). I only regret I didn’t find this place sooner!!! If you are just in it learn the basics for a wedding, prom, or serious about competing.... this is the best value in NJ. Franchise studios can’t compete! They can and will try but they will fail. This studio has one of the best dance floors and best instructors in the tri-state! Save money and actually enjoy it!

Chris C